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Customer Reviews

Decided to "freshen up" the kitchen, no major renovations. Went out looking for a counter top. Was pleasantly surprised when we were not pressured to purchase things we did not need or want. Friendly, courteous, and supportive service was greatly appreciated! Price was right for the counter we chose. Thank you Ron!


We went to Rynone Kitchen and Bath after shopping the big box stores and we were pleasantly surprised to find not only were their prices right on the mark, but the actual design of the kitchen was far superior to the design from the box store. Our designer did a great job helping us figure out what enhancements we needed and which ones to discard. Highly recommend

Caped Avenger

I am impressed with the help Ron Mansfield offered. The showroom is super nice with a lot of displays to look through. I will be sending my clients there from now forward for sure.

Richard Rodgers

We have gotten so many counter tops and cabinetry from them over the years. Picking up another counter top today, $175 would have been twice that at lowes, and we would have had more work to do. In stock prices(limited color options but still) just can't be beat. Love this place.

D Ball

Cool place friendly staff

Joe C

Lovely people working there

Pam Breslin

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